We’ve previously discussed why we don’t like Search Engine Optimisation.

But why social media?

(Ok, to keep things simple, the following article is going to focus on the business benefits of social media.)

From our research, we’ve identified a the following characteristics that define social media:

Service a geographic area

Social Media is about what your “friends” and “friends of friends” are up to.  While there are always exceptions (holidays, special occasions) generally, we tend to live in one geographic area.

If I am working in the Sydney CBD, say I need a chiropractor in the area.   I’m not interested in chiropractor’s that services the North Shore, or those that service the Shire.  Regardless of how great they are, its just too far for me to travel.

If you click the link above, you’ll see:

chiropractor sydney cbd

As a potential customer, Google will only show me the first 20.

20 chiropractors!!!  Which one should I choose?

I’ll try the same search in Facebook:


Notice I am only shown a handful of entries.  One even opens in 45 minutes!

Referrals from friends

In my area, there’s a Facebook Group:  Inner West Mums.

If you’re not in the Inner West, search for your suburb name.  Here’s what Facebook looks like if you search Rockdale:


Read the results, see if there’s a Facebook Group for your area.

People post questions, others respond with suggestions / recommendations.  Think about the last time you called a plumber (or if you need to call one right now!)  Would you know who to call?


What do you think?  Have you bought something from Social Media?  Gone to a restaurant / park / other event from a Social Media recommendation?

Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!